TIP: Clean Vacuum Filters in the Dishwasher

I'll admit it, I'm an obsessive vacuum-er.  I hate stepping on little pieces of stuff.  Especially with kids - there is ALWAYS stuff on the floor - something is being spilt, knocked over, or deliberately dumped onto the carpet.

So, I vacuum, a lot.

Which means if I don't clean or change my filter regularly the vacuum gets that NASTY smell it throws out when using a dirty filter.  Filters are expensive.  The filter for my vacuum is $27 (which is 1/5 of the cots of my vacuum! Crazy).

I had heard years ago that you could wash your filter in the dishwasher.  I have to say I've been a total skeptic.  Which is probably why after owning this vacuum for 7 years, purchasing a number of new filters, and it taking ONE HOUR to vacuum two rooms last week, I finally tried this. 

Fed up with this stinky filter, I dumped the dust/trash out and tapped my filter a few times to get the extra dust and allergens out (sick, I know). then I tossed it all in the dishwasher with one of my dishwasher soap pods.  Actually, the little mesh divider thing I washed by hand, I didn't want it to rust.

Here is how it came out!  I was pretty surprised by how clean it got.  And, it wasn't until I compared both pictures that I noticed just how clean everything came out.

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